Maternal Instincts 2011

October 9, 2011

My Stomach….

May 1, 2011

2011 Call for Submissions!!!!

December 16, 2010

I’m looking for your stories, poems, parodies, movement pieces, visual art …anything goes…….simply express yourself on something you feel particularly strong about or feel the need and inspiration to share with other mothers and women!!!! Submissions can be serious or comedic and should be emailed to:

Deadline is June 1, 2011! The performance is slotted for mid October in Austin, TX.

Everyone will be  invited to share in an open  forum in The VORTEX Café which has delicious food, wine, and beer for sale after each performance.

Escape From the Nightmare


I wrote this poem when I was nine years old….and finally remembered it, verbatim this year at 34.

My mom was sick with cancer, though, I didn’t understand the weight and impact of the word “cancer” at only 9 years old. I knew something was terribly wrong….never realizing then what I know now. That the escape from the nightmare would not be her survival here on Earth…..

I’d grown up, to that point, with the most loving, devoted mother a child could ever ask for. She could do no wrong….always affectionate, loving, helpful, and unselfish….almost to a fault…..

Always putting her kids first….a true martyr and saint in the best sense of the word.  She was always there ready to get down on the floor and play with us, applauding me and my brother’s every move…..

Just a beautiful person and personality……

So, you can’t possibly imagine how my world was forever turned upside down the day she died…..How could I possibly imagine life without her?

My dad remarried and there were many ups and downs growing up, and many ups and downs throughout the years as I grew up without my mom.

Now that I’m a mother myself, and almost the same age she was when she died,…..I’ve really begun to reconnect with my mother (as strange as that may seem)…..I thought I’d lost almost all memory of her and then, when I had my son and would be putting him down to bed at night….instinctively I’d rock him– pat his back– and sing “When You Wish Upon a Star……” without even thinking about it….feeling the memory of my mother doing the same……or remembering how patient she was when I am experiencing a tantrum with my son.

Remembering how playful and childlike she was playing dress up or dancing around with us to the Bee Gees or Devo as I now dance and sing with my son without a care in the world.

Believe me, it’s impossible to fill the void that was left in my heart when she died, but these little things…these precious memories remind me of who she was and who I want to be.

I started to think about things I used to enjoy that I’d overlooked or lost touch with over the years.  Many people had asked why I didn’t do theater anymore since I was in a lot of shows in high school and college. And I never really had an interest in pursuing acting again much less playwriting….but then I had a strong motivation and urge to create a play based on the actual stories and memoirs of women and mothers from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences with motherhood. I decided to develop a project that would build on itself as it was performed…….The Maternal Instincts Project….and my hope is that after other mothers, other women see it, they will be inspired and moved to share their unique journey  and become part of this ongoing project.